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Wondering about College Soccer and Scholarships?

Click here to go to College Recruiting Resources on our sister site

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For all players trying to make their high school team: Click here to learn How To Make The High School Team.

How are your stats? Understand how the different player and team stats are kept – or should be!

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Soccer Resume Sample

If you’re going to a showcase, you need to showcase yourself in several ways.  The first way is to play right.  The second way is to have a player profile of who you are and what your accomplishments are.  Click HERE to get a sample template.  Look for it in your downloads tray or downloads folder.

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See It Done Right!

Learn from the best coaches on the planet!


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Great skillsets with Connor McKee supplying some ideas on how to touch the ball.  This is a skillset that you can do anywhere around your house, garage, basement, driveway, back yard – anywhere!

Connor McKee Ground Work

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Connor McKee Wall Work

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Great video from Jonathon Marquez, Director of Coaching, of Magic Soccer Club In a Gym!

23 Ways Of Lifting Soccer Ball

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Physical Training

Plyometric Training

Fitness With The Ball

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Steal The Bacon

Exercises That Will Help You With Speed and Agility

For Younger Players – Slide Tackling!

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A great self-training video from Lexington United Soccer Club Director of Coaching Brendan Donahue Outstanding Video!

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How To Dribble and Create Space

Some Incredible Ideas…

Soccer Moves To Help You Beat an Opponent

Forwards! Learn how to take on defenders 1v1 with Leo Messi!