2015 AA Girls Elite Eleven

Wow, what a soccer team we have put together.  The quality of the players was so high across the board that there has never been a more difficult year to choose a team.  Congratulations to all the players for an incredible season and congratulations to those who appear here.

A special thank you to the coaches and team representatives who worked so diligently to get us pictures of all these players!

This year’s team is in the 3-4-3 system, primarily because that has become such a prominent part of the girls’ and women’s game.

Jillian Barkus Elite Eleven 2

Grace Bender Elite Eleven


Megan Landon Elite Eleven

Regan Odegaard Elite Eleven

Theresa Pujado Elite Eleven

Allie Zueger Elite Eleven

Julie Teslow Elite Eleven

Gabbi DeMarce Elite Eleven 2

Alyssa Weidler Elite ElevenKatie Nielson Elite Eleven

Megan Ethreim Elite Eleven 2

Theresa Pujado POY

Jacob Shoup Coach of the Year