2013 Soccer605 Small Program Boys Player of the Year

Lee Wynja

Sioux Falls Christian

Lee Wynja is a perfect example of what a lot of dedication, teamwork, practice and natural growth can do.

Wynja plays in a DASC team and hones his team skills there.  But it’s his work that he does when he’s not at soccer practice that makes him even more special.  It’s easy to see in just a few minutes of watching Wynja that he has put in the time getting touches on the ball.

As we pointed out in his Elite Eleven profile, he is often double-marked by opposing teams because when he turns on you there is often big trouble.  Being doubled or even tripled doesn’t bother him.  He is just as happy to be a provider.

The factor that put Wynja above the other very good players considered this year for Player of the Year is his ability to perform the three most important functions as a soccer player.  He goes forward to score and has no objections to pulling the trigger.  He holds the ball in the midfield and makes precision passes to running team mates.  And he’ll run back inside his own six to defend his team’s goal.  In the players we evaluated for this designation, only Wynja consistently did all three. Mix that with a winning attitude and leadership and you’ll know…

… that’s what makes Lee Wynja of Sioux Falls Christian the Soccer605 Small Program Boys Player of the Year.

We would like to thank Mike McElroy for these images and other images appearing on Soccer605.

Wynja POY