5th Annual Prairie Hills Invitational Adult Tournament this weekend

Prairie Hills FlyerThis weekend  marks the fifth year that Sioux Falls Adult Coed Soccer will host the Prairie Hills Invitational. The Prairie Hills Invitational is an adult coed soccer tournament, sanctioned as a state tournament by South Dakota Adult Soccer. After the second year, the tournament was moved from Yankton Trail Park to McEneaney Field at Sioux Falls O’Gorman High School.

“We felt the higher visibility of McEneaney Field on 41st Street would be a benefit for the event,” said Jen Slater-Unruh, president of Sioux Falls Adult Coed Soccer. “Plus there is the added bonus of playing in a stadium for the fans and on turf – which helps reduce the potential for weather to impact the game schedules.”

This year’s tournament features five teams – Tyneside FC; Skillz FC; Gateway; AOK; and Mitchell FC. While the tournament has had some years with more teams and divisions, the event is building team and player loyalty. “Youth soccer is huge in South Dakota,” said Slater-Unruh, “and as players age-out of youth soccer or finish playing college soccer, they still need an outlet. That’s why adult programs like Sioux Falls Adult Coed, Aberdeen, Pierre and West River Adult Soccer are so important for the continuation of the sport.”

And once a competitor, always a competitor, it seems. “Adult soccer is being played in leagues across South Dakota year-round,” says Slater-Unruh, “whether it’s outdoor or indoor, and at some point, competitive players and teams want to know – who is the best in the state?”

2015 Prairie Hills Invitational Champions - Tyneside United FC
2015 Prairie Hills Invitational Champions Tyneside United FC, coached & managed by Jack Fehrenz

The 2015 event saw the Tyneside FC claiming the title of State Adult Soccer Champions, having defeated Gateway at McEneaney Field. Who will take home the title in 2016? Undoubtedly, Gateway would like a rematch against Tyneside. But three other contenders have also thrown their hat in the ring and will be battling for a spot in the Championship on Sunday. You can catch all of the action at McEneaney Field starting today at 6:30 as Tyneside take on AOK. Below is the schedule of games for tonight, Saturday and Sunday. All games will be played at McEneaney Field.

Day Date Time Home Visitor
Fri 7/8/2016 6:30 PM Tyneside FC vs AOK
Fri 7/8/2016 8:15 PM Skillz FC vs Gateway
Sat 7/9/2016 8:00 AM AOK vs Skillz FC
Sat 7/9/2016 9:45 AM Tyneside FC vs Mitchell
Sat 7/9/2016 12:30 PM Gateway vs AOK
Sat 7/9/2016 2:15 PM Skillz FC vs Mitchell
Sat 7/9/2016 5:00 PM Tyneside FC vs Gateway
Sat 7/9/2016 6:45 PM Mitchell vs AOK
Sun 7/10/2016 9:00 AM Tyneside FC vs Skillz FC
Sun 7/10/2016 10:45 AM Mitchell vs Gateway
Sun 7/10/2016 2:00 PM – CHAMPIONSHIP 1st in Points vs 2nd in Points

The Prairie Hills Invitational is a state adult soccer tournament that not only provides an event for players and teams to determine who is the best, it also is a springboard for teams who want to go on and play in regional and national US Adult Soccer Association tournaments.